Glamour Shad™ Spinnerbaits

The Story of the Glamour Shad™ spinnerbait.

The first introduction of the Glamour Shad™ Spinnerbait was the Timonium Boat Show in 2002.

Today many spinnerbaits have realistic looking fish details on the head and 3D eyes, with lifelike silicone skirts, and premium components, but when the Glamour Shad™ came onto the market this was not the case for most.

It quickly gained a following in the area around Virginia where it was produced and then grew to be a beloved bait for many tournament fishermen from the club level to the highest level of competitive bass fishing despite still being somewhat under the radar of most of the industry.

Pro Dustin Wilks a Professional angler at the time and multiple Bassmaster Classic Qualifier was sponsored by the company and credited with designing their buzzbait.

Jacob Powroznik won an Eastern Division Everstart event back in 2003 and credited the Glamour Shad™ Spinnerbait for his win.

It was one of those baits that was a closely guarded secret among those in the know, and was credited for bringing a lot of hardware home in tournaments and the legend was growing.

As quickly as it began, suddenly in 2003 it all stopped, the company Performance Lures disappeared and hasn’t been heard of since. Despite cries for the return of the product from the cult following of those who experienced it’s effectiveness it was lost to history….

Until now….

After laying dormant for 20 years Taylor Man’s Custom Lures® is bringing back the Glamour Shad™ Spinnerbait.

The original owner of Glamour Shad™ had let the intellectual property expire. We purchased the domain, and captured the Trademark to bring back this classic spinnerbait. Taylor Man’s Custom Lures® acquired the original master molds and has added a double wire keeper to secure plastic trailers.

Now there is talk that the original owner who had abandoned the fishing community for 20 years now wants to bring this product back himself on the marketing buzz we created. Sorry but you’re a day late and a dollar short, Taylor Man’s Custom Lures® saw the demand is responsible for bringing back the Glamour Shad™.

Glamour Shad™ Spinnerbait

• Nickel and 24-karat gold-plated blades connected to the wire with Sampo ball-bearing swivels.

• The wire is matched with the head and blade sizes to elicit the best vibration and action.

• Realistic, sculpted baitfish-shaped head, custom-painted with lifelike 3D eyes — It looks and flashes like a baitfish head.

• A silicone metal flake skirt in baitfish patterns covers the business end, a premium Gamakatsu hook.

• The blades, head, skirt, and even the hook combine to generate excellent flash.

• It doesn’t roll at high speeds.

• NEW- Double Wire Keeper to secure your soft plastic trailers.